Elisa Gabella

Elisa started singing and performing at the age of 4 with Children’s Musical Theater in Florida. She did 12 years of Dance, as well as singing-dancing-performing in the theater. She really enjoyed participating in Singing and Dancing Competitions from the age of 6 through 12: winning twice for Florida Talent with a National Competition(NAM) and going on to Los Angeles three times, then won first place for a New York Broadway Competition (A.B.), going on to New York. Later on, she won in her age division in a competition at MGM in Las Vegas at the age of 11- shown on PBS Television. She continued to perform in musical theater throughout and at age 14, she became the Lead Singer for the Rock Band “NO LABEL” performing often in festivals, and venues in Arkansas. After that, she moved to Paris, France, where she would perform Wednesday nights at a Pub with professional musicians. For a short time, she became lead singer for a rock band she and other musicians created together performing in divers venues. Living an intense life, she has always focused on her studies throughout and parallel to her Singing-performing. She graduated from the American University of Paris with a Bachelors, worked and now continues to study as well as working on Song-writing and on her first album.